How Much Was Callys Caves 3 To Develop? (Hint: Less Than You Think)

The developer behind the iOS and Android platformer Cally's Cave 3 recently wrote a developers blog about how much their latest game cost.  The final number may come at a surprise (it was to me).

After breaking down the costs by software costs, licenses, marketing, development and assets, we get to the final number of $689 dollars.  

'And all for a total budget of $689. The lesson that we’ve learned after shipping 3 games is that if you really love games and want to make a game, money isn’t going to be the thing that stands in your way, willpower is. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen, and please, share your game with us so we can try it!'

It's an interesting read for anyone who is thinking of making games on mobile devices. Cally Cave 3's developer stresses that it shouldn't be money getting in the way.  You can check out the full article, and breakdown here.  Make sure to download the game for free on iOS, or Android.