New Alone With You Trailer And Details - Coming Spring 2016

Independent Toronto developer Benjamin Rivers took to the PlayStation Blog today to share some details of his upcoming romance sci-fi story game Alone With You.  While the developer's last game Home was described as a "monologue that the player delivered", Alone With You is "a dialogue between you and the game".

"You’ll trek through beautiful, varied areas — which include a series of communication towers, the dilapidated Colony B, the workspaces and staff quarters of the facility’s agricultural operation, and the various components of the planet’s mining and processing centres. As you do so, you’ll be in constant communication with the AI, who acts as your lifeline and your tour guide. It’ll give you info on all the things and places you find, but it’ll also speak to you — asking you questions and responding to your answers. And if you’ve ever played Home, you’ll know: sometimes even the smallest decision can have unexpected consequences."

Make sure to check out the full post for all the details, including how the romance gameplay will work.  If you'll be at the upcoming PlayStation Experience this year you'll get a chance to try out the game.  The game is expected to hit PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Spring of 2016. Make sure to also follow Ben on Twitter.