Check Out The Co-op Puzzle Game - Pitfall Planet

So I am *very* late on writing about this game, since I first saw it at the 2015 Level-Up event back in April, where Pitfall Planet won 'Best Overall Game'.  But I didn't want to leave 2015 without giving it some reconnition, since I was reminded by the charming title when I saw it at the Canadian Videogame Award FanFest a few weekends ago.

Pitfall Planet is a coop puzzle game which pits (hah) you and your friend against the dangers on an unknown planet.

In a faraway galaxy, two intrepid astronauts have crash-landed on a mysterious planet, long-abandoned by those who once mined its precious ore. The two friends embark on a mission to scavenge enough ore to fuel their trip home. Beneath the planet's surface, they discover a labyrinth of puzzles and traps. Escaping will require agility and wits, not to mention mastery of their trusty grappling hooks. Scariest of all, the planet may not be as abandoned as they thought. Team up with a friend and use your grappling hooks to toss each other to new heights. Pitfall Planet will put your friendship to the test; will both of you make it out alive?

I'm excited to see more of the game in the new year. There doesn't appear to be any release date yet, but make sure to follow them on Twitter, and FaceBook to keep up to date.