Top Stories for CanaidanGameDevs: April 2019

Here are the top stories from the site this last month.


We also had some job postings!

Co-op Puzzle Game Pitfall Planet Out Now On Switch

The Switch ports continue. Pitfall Planet, the co-op puzzle game that won 2015 Best Overall Game at Level-Up, and then released on Steam in 2016 has come to Nintendo’s little hybrid system. You can pick it up right here for $18.99 CAD.

“Featuring the cutest pair of robots this side of the Milky Way, Pitfall Planet’s action takes place on a distant, forgotten mining world. Play as the two astrobots, who after being stranded and separated from their ship, must traverse the subterranean caves of the ruined planet, overcoming its many perils in the process. In Pitfall Planet, you and your friend are equipped with the latest and greatest in astro-mining technology. Players can use their grappling hooks to pick up objects (including each other!) and throw them over gaps or cliffs. To collect all the ore in each level, you'll learn to master the art of teamwork!”

The game also has a little extra Toronto flair, with the Reptoid Games adding some extra cutscenes in the port.

Happy Canada Day! Toronto Games Released This Year

I figured I would take this Canada Day (and half-way point of the year) to celebrate the Toronto developed games that have been released so far. They are in no particular order and I've tried to link to a page to buy them. If I'm missing one, make sure to let me know on Twitter.

Runbow: Satura's Space Adventure! from 13AM Games

Cally’s Caves 3 from VDOGames

Kapsul Infinite from Luke O'Connor

Hard Vacuum Lullaby from One More Story Games

Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress from Bluish-Green Productions and Throw Away Games

Robo's World: The Darnok Fortress came out on steam earlier this year and was available to patreon's

Robo's World: The Darnok Fortress came out on steam earlier this year and was available to patreon's

We Are Doomed was a perfect fit on PlayStation Vita

We Are Doomed was a perfect fit on PlayStation Vita

pitfall planet won level up in 2015

pitfall planet won level up in 2015

Fantasy Tales Online from Cold Tea Studio

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames from Allied Games

AlphaPit from Shane McCafferty

Frank The Spider from Yahman Games

Congrats to all the developers on releasing their games, here's to a great back half of 2016. Happy Canada Day!

Pitfall Planet Out Now On Steam

Bonfire Games, the winner of the 2015 Level Up competition, have released their co-op platformer Pitfall Planet.  You play as two recently stranded astrobots who must traverse an unknown planet to get back to their ship.

Emma reached out to me on email and let me know a little bit about the history of Pitfall Planet:

It began as a collaboration between a small group of students from the University of Toronto and OCADU. After our success at Level Up Student Showcase we decided to turn it into a complete game and went on to receive an IGF nomination for Best Student Game. 
Inspired by games like Toad Treasure Tracker, Little Big Planet, and Portal 2, Pitfall Planet combines co-operative puzzle solving with action and mischief. Two little astronauts set out on an adventure that brings them deep into the caverns of the planet, solving puzzles and collecting ore using their trusty grappling hooks.

Congrats to the team at Pitfall Planet on the release, and make sure to follow the gang over on Twitter, and pick up the game on Steam. If you're keeping up with past Level Up winners, reminder that OddBird Studios won this years.

Award Winners At Student Game Showcase - LevelUpTO

Last night there was the 6th annual Level Up here in Toronto, which is a showcase event for local students to show off their games.  Pitfall Planet won last years, and this year had quite a few winners, including friend of the site Oddbird Studio.  This all came from Level Up's Facebook page.

Artistic Achievement - Sheridan College - Oddbird Studios -  Arrow Heads

People's Choice Award - OCAD and University of Toronto  - Plunder

Best Overall Game - Sheridan College - Oddbird Studios - Arrow Heads

Technical Innovation Award - UOIT - Ominous Games

Congrats to all the winners! Here are some tweets from the event.



Check Out The Co-op Puzzle Game - Pitfall Planet

So I am *very* late on writing about this game, since I first saw it at the 2015 Level-Up event back in April, where Pitfall Planet won 'Best Overall Game'.  But I didn't want to leave 2015 without giving it some reconnition, since I was reminded by the charming title when I saw it at the Canadian Videogame Award FanFest a few weekends ago.

Pitfall Planet is a coop puzzle game which pits (hah) you and your friend against the dangers on an unknown planet.

In a faraway galaxy, two intrepid astronauts have crash-landed on a mysterious planet, long-abandoned by those who once mined its precious ore. The two friends embark on a mission to scavenge enough ore to fuel their trip home. Beneath the planet's surface, they discover a labyrinth of puzzles and traps. Escaping will require agility and wits, not to mention mastery of their trusty grappling hooks. Scariest of all, the planet may not be as abandoned as they thought. Team up with a friend and use your grappling hooks to toss each other to new heights. Pitfall Planet will put your friendship to the test; will both of you make it out alive?

I'm excited to see more of the game in the new year. There doesn't appear to be any release date yet, but make sure to follow them on Twitter, and FaceBook to keep up to date.

Countdown To Bit Bazaar: Pitfall Planet

Pitfall Planet from independant developers Alexander Biggs, Daphne Ippolito, Adam Robinson-Yu, Emma Burkeitt, David Czarnowski, and Guy Torsher will be at Bit Bazaar tomorrow.

"Hundreds of years ago, on a distant planet, explorers discovered huge treasure-filled caverns. Quickly, the industries of Planet Earth set up great mining operations to scour the planet of its riches. One by one, the mining operations were withdrawn, scared off by the seemingly endless stream of hostile native creatures.

The mines are filled with many dangers, many wonders, and of course, many rewards for those daring enough to brave them. Are you the team that can conquer its mighty depths?

Play as the two brave astronauts P1 and P2 as they collect ore digging deeper and deeper into the mines."

ake sure to check out the full site here, and follow the game on Twitter.