Benjamin Rivers Answers Questions About Alone With You

Indie developer Benjamin Rivers recently took to the PlayStation Blog to announce Alone With You's release date.  He then returned to do a little Q&A for his upcoming adventure story game.

Is this just a point-and-click adventure?
I actually get asked this quite a lot — Alone With You is definitely an adventure game, but not a 90’s-style one. It’s designed for controllers in mind, where moving around the environment feels fluid and fun. There are no complicated menus or inventory screens to manage (just like Home, which was also designed with minimalism in mind).
So then how does the gameplay work?
You accept missions from your AI companion, and as you reach your mission area, you explore — you don’t have a complex HUD, markers or anything getting in your way. If you stumble across something you can use, take or scan, the game prompts you. Unlike a lot of adventure games, you feel like you’re moving through a world, instead of pushing a cursor around.

You can check out the full Q&A on the PlayStation Blog. If you're going to be at the PlayStation Experience event, then make sure to check Ben out at Booth 1158, as well as other Toronto developers.