N++ Enters Final Bug Testing - Release Date Close

Make sure you go read the latest blog post on Metanet Software's site.  It goes over some of the final pushes the studio is taking to release N++, including a hint of a release date (to quote "a matter of months").

"N++’s core gameplay (single player, co-op and competitive multiplayer) is finshed and feeling great. Currently all of the levels are arranged and in the game, all of the colour schemes are designed and in the game and all of the music is licensed and in the game. The UI, packaging and transitions are in, though there still are a few placeholders, but we know what needs to change and how to change it — there are no more unanswered questions. This is a huge amount of stuff — and it only took two years "

Earlier today I wrote about how Severed is one my most anticipated PlayStation Vita games, and N++ is one of my most anticipated PlayStation 4 games. I'm glad there is only a few months left before release :)