Developer DrinkBox Studios Discusses "Enemy Manager" in Severed

Severed from DrinkBox Studios is one of my most anticipated games this year. The PlayStation Vita touch-based dungeon RPG looks really incredible, and I can't wait to play it. Last time I posted a Polygon article on my tumblr with gameplay footage. David at DrinkBox Studios discussed on their blog about the "Enemy Manager"when fighting multiple enemies.

"Combat is governed by an ‘enemy manager’. Rather than just wildly attacking you in parallel, which would often be super unfair, the enemies take turns attacking, dutifully queueing up one at a time like goons in a Bruce Lee group fight. For each attack an enemy can do, we specify how much time it needs to ready and then carry it out, and schedule the attack into the Enemy Manager’s queue. That doesn’t mean the attacks are necessarily easy to deal with (they can come as fast or slow as we choose), but the big benefit is this lets us easily prevent the player being put into impossible situations. (In principle we want someone playing perfectly to be able to get out of any given fight basically unharmed.)"

Make sure to check out the blog post here, and follow the studio on twitter.