Pamela Make It Onto Kotaku "A Horror Game That Looks Straight out of Mass Effect"

Just browsing the internet this morning, and saw that Kotaku ran a small piece of Pamela, the PC Horror game inspired by Mirror's Edge and Mass Effect from NVYVE Studios.

"Pamela is an upcoming PC game that looks pretty striking for something that’s supposed to be a survival horror game. No gross, gritty environments that are so typical of the genre to be found here!

Instead, the futuristic setting looks way more utopian—which makes the premise of exploring a dead civilization seem all the more enticing. According to the developers, the game tasks you with scavenging and surviving your way through “Eden,” and doing so will require the use of advanced toys and equipment that would look right at home in Mass Effect."

Very cool, make sure to check out the article here, and follow NVYVE on twitter here.