Countdown To Bit Bazaar: Pitfall Planet

Pitfall Planet from independant developers Alexander Biggs, Daphne Ippolito, Adam Robinson-Yu, Emma Burkeitt, David Czarnowski, and Guy Torsher will be at Bit Bazaar tomorrow.

"Hundreds of years ago, on a distant planet, explorers discovered huge treasure-filled caverns. Quickly, the industries of Planet Earth set up great mining operations to scour the planet of its riches. One by one, the mining operations were withdrawn, scared off by the seemingly endless stream of hostile native creatures.

The mines are filled with many dangers, many wonders, and of course, many rewards for those daring enough to brave them. Are you the team that can conquer its mighty depths?

Play as the two brave astronauts P1 and P2 as they collect ore digging deeper and deeper into the mines."

ake sure to check out the full site here, and follow the game on Twitter.