E3 Preview - Toronto GameDevs Who Will Be There

Interested in knowing what Toronto Game Developers will be at E3 this week? Look no further then the list below! 


Here are the studios that have told me, or tweeted that they will be at E3.

Capybara Games

I would imagine that Capybara will be showing off Super Time Force Ultra on PS4, and perhaps even their upcoming game Below.

13AM Games

13AM Games will be there most likely showing off Runbow for WiiU. Their tweet suggests we'll see than at other places.

I got to play GastroBots at Bit Bazaar earlier this year, and that's what they'll be showing off this year.

Benjamin Rivers

According to a recent tweet, Ben is there to show off Alone With You at the PlayStation booth.

Unconfirmed (but likely)

These are the studios that are most likely going to E3 and what game they're showing.

DrinkBox Studios - Severed

Clapfoot Games - Fortified 

Metanet Software - N++

Ubisoft Toronto - ??? (Ubisoft has their own press conference at E3, but what specifically is coming out of Toronto is still unknown).

If you're a Toronto GameDev and at E3, then be sure to let me know!