Sunday June 28th: Toronto Game Developer Job Postings

Here is another edition of Game Developer jobs I can find here in Toronto.  As always hit me up on Twitter if you are hiring, and keep an eye on for all the latest.

Cellar Door Games - Network Multiplayer Programmer

"You’ll work closely with the Lead Programmer and Designer and analyze the online and networking needs for the game and platforms – PC, Consoles and Mobile platforms. Along with documenting game server and platform infrastructure systems using clear, high performance, maintainable code; you will also debug, test, and quality control the content to meet Cellar Door Games standards before they are released to consumers."

Cellar Door Games - Artists

"You’ll create assets for game levels and maps, such as environmental backdrops or terrain tiles for 2D games based on the game design’s specifications."

Sago Sago - Flash Animator, Software Engineer, and more

"Want to work with us building amazing toys for children? Write to us at and tell us why you think you'd be a great addition to our team. Specific openings are listed below, but we are always looking for talented and passionate people."