Toronto GameDev: Jamhammer Games

Indie developer Jamhammer Games Inc is a two person team working on Shwip, the only twin switcher shooter with a whip:

"Satisfy your daily pixel-induced fix by blowing up enemies with an arsenal of weapons and abilities the military would be jealous of. Outmaneuver your enemies with tight controls that make setting traps, disabling and boosting your way to safety light and responsive. Go brute force in arcade or show off your new skills in style, then; gear up for a tense checkpoint romp though an active minefield. Did we mention Shwip has global leader-boards and local multi-player? Compete against friends or random internet strangers and reach for the top, soldier."

The game will feature a variety of modes like Arcade and Style, as well weapons like the Quickshot and Magnet.  The game is schedule for release on Steam sometime this year.  Checkout below for the trailer and screenshots.

Make sure to check out everything there is about Shwip on the developers website, and follow them on Twitter.  Stay tuned to for all the latest.