Countdown To Stage Select: 13AM Games

Fun fact! Runbow was one of the first games I ever wrote about on the Toronto GameDevs tumblr.  The developer, 13AM Games, blew me away with the idea of a 9-player party platformer.  The game looks so chaotic and fun and lucky for everyone it will be at Stage Select this weekend:

"13AM Games is a new studio growing out of Toronto’s vibrant indie game scene. A passionate group of people with a variety of specialties aiming to make games that will be fun to play and to showcase proudly. Having recently shipped on Android and iOS 13AM Games is developing their first console title, Runbow—a frantic, multiplayer, racing platformer."

eep your eye on these guys, they're going to take the WiiU by storm when Runbow launches. Until then, make sure to check out Stage Select to play the game.