Countdown To Stage Select: OSnap Games!

Continuing our countdown to Stage Select this weekend, we have the independent developer OSnap Games!

"OSnap Games, founded in early 2012 by a small group of game developers who are tired of the way modern studios worked. The shared vision among the founding members was to create a highly competitive video game studio here in Toronto, Ontario that Canada can call its own. We set out to create fun and compelling games in an environment that encourages the creativity and collaboration that a successful video game studio requires. OSnap Games also recognizes the importance of a strong and loyal fan base and because of that we have a very open line of communication with our community through our forums, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. We believe that combining a healthy corporate culture and an active communication channel with our players will allow us to create highly successful games, and a very strong relationship with our community."

Most recently OSnap Games announced their twin stick shooter Quasar was successfully greenlit on Steam.  Make sure to check out more of Quasar and follow the developer on Twitter!