Dames Making Games: Gym Jam Bundle On Itch.io

Dames Making Games tweeted out today a bundle of four games that were created during their May Game Jam.  The four games are:

  1. Skin Tight Bitch Fight from AquaVulva
  2. Canadian Nuts from Lee Tran
  3. Sync or Swim from Chris Daviduik
  4. Trackoons from Gabby DaRienzo

All of the above games are also being showcased at Dames Making Games Arcade and Tournament July 18-25th as part of Ontario's Celebration Zone at Harbourfront Centre during Pan Am Games.  

You can download the bundle of all games by heading over to Itch.io here.  The bundle is DRM free, and free as well, however donations are appreciated.  The offer expires on the 26th of July.  Make sure to keep up to date on DMG by following them on Twitter.