13AM Games Goes Over Marketing Runbow This Last Year

With Runbow coming out soon, developer 13AM Games took to their tumblr blog to go over the history of marketing Runbow this last year:

"So let’s catch up on some of the cool things that have happened over the year: First off, we appeared at GDC and PAX East back in March to showcase the game. This was an important reveal because not only did it showcase our new combat, brand new art style, and new features, but it also introduced a character to join Hue in the fun: Val!"

The post then goes over the various trailers and announcements over the year.  It's a worthwhile read, so make sure to check out their tumblr for the full post.  

13AM Games also teases some upcoming reveals:

"Stay tuned, as we will have a new post for you every Monday afternoon. Who knows… we might even spill a few secrets."