5 Days of Quench Updates

With Bit Bazaar later this week, developer Axon Interactive has started showing off more details for their upcoming puzzle game Quench.  

Day one focused on Shaman who is a "young elephant who has the power to commune with the natural world," and Smokebeasts:

"Quench begins with Shaman’s first pilgrimage, during which she must prove that she can lead her Tribe and the other animals with Shepherd’s help.....Smokebeasts take the form of ancient and somewhat monstrous animals shrouded in black smoke and seem to be found most often near caves and holes in the earth. The smoke that covers these creatures is noxious, and normal animals begin choking and coughing if they come too close. In certain circumstances, the smokebeasts emit a black sludge that coats the ground and prevents any life from growing there."

Day two focused on characters Headlong, Scout, and Springbok.  You can check out all the details and more on their tumblr page.  Make sure to check them out at Bit Bazaar this weekend, and be sure to keep it to TorontoGameDevs.com for all the latest.