MK-Ultra Announces A Release Date For Knight & Damsel On PC And Ouya

With all the releases that are happening from Toronto Game Developers, it's no surprises that we have another one! Knight & Damsel from MK-Ultra Games will be releasing for Ouya and PC on August 20th.  The game will launch for $9.99, but enjoy a two week 20% discount.

"It’s an “un-cooperative” couch multiplayer game that we hope is subversive fun, as two players compete to rescue the other on a papercraft stage, warping the fourth wall between the 2D screen and world space. It’s got four settings, a quick campaign mode and full customisable arcade mode—and with levels created from random selections of designed screens, every match is different. We see Knight & Damsel as a competitive twist on the Damsel in Distress trope, fun for all ages, and we hope you like it."

ake sure to follow MK-Ultra on Twitter, and pick up Knight & Damsel when it drops in a few days.