Will O'Neill Announces Little Red Lie

Independent developers Will O'Neill is a busy guy these days. With Actual Sunlight coming to Vita this month, and working on Planet of the Eyes, you'd think he would be done.

Now, we know he is also creating Little Red Lie, a short story adventure game set in Scarborough:

"Inspired by the growing gap in wealth and stability between the baby boomers and their descendants, the game takes place in the relatively near future, and speculates a world in which major financial institutions begin to shift strategically towards securing the only asset of a generation with little to no value: Their inheritances.

In the midst of this final collapse, you take control of two people living on either side of this equation. The contrast in their fates - and what it reveals - is only the foundation of what is ultimately a drama about debt, family and the truth about honesty."

Will says there will be more details, including a demo, later this month. TorontoGameDevs.com will have the latest on the game, but in the meantime, make sure to follow Will O'Neill on Twitter.