Runbow Composer Interviews With 'Film And Game Composers'

Dan Rodrigues, the composer behind the soundtrack for Runbow, sat down with the team over at Film And Game Composers about his soundtrack for Runbow.  A taste of it can be seen below:

13AM Games’ upcoming game Runbow is your latest soundtrack project. How did you get involved in its development, and what can you tell us about the game from your perspective?

I met the guys at 13AM Games during the Toronto chapter of the Global Game Jam. That’s where the idea for Runbow was born. At its core, it’s a 9 player racing game with a really fascinating game mechanic, involving a constantly changing backsplash of colour. If this colour happens to match an obstacle or platform, then that object ceases to exist!

As you can imagine, with 9 players, it gets insanely chaotic and fun when everyone is battling. The music is meant to help support that feeling and push it over the edge, while still maintaining a fun, nostalgic vibe. Dave Proctor, producer and audio director at 13AM Games, wanted the music to feel familiar/timeless, but also fresh and new. He had a few really solid sketches laid out and a strong idea of where he wanted me to take things, which really helped take a lot of the guess work out.

You can check out the full interview here, as well as pick up the OST on bandcamp here.  Make sure to pick up Runbow when it launches on Wii U Thursday August 27th (tomorrow!).