DrinkBox Studios Blogs About Testing Severed

DrinkBox Studios, the developer behind the upcoming Vita hack n'slash Severed, has been blogging about developing the game.  Their latest post is about testing out Severed and analyzing the results:

'Chris and Dave here. This week we start our first internal playtesting for Severed! A DrinkBox mantra is to playtest early and often. Basically this means harassing family, friends, and amazing volunteers to play our game.

The average playtest is streamed to the entire studio so many members of the team will be able to watch in real time. Despite this, we feel very strongly about the benefit of logging playtest data – this is information recorded to the Vita in the form of a text file while somebody plays Severed. Log data is really good at giving the macro view of a playtest session, which can help us as a studio tune the game for maximum ultra uber fun.'

It's a pretty interesting read for anyone looking into game development, or how studios test their products before launch. You can check out the full post here.  Make sure to follow DrinkBox Studios on twitter so you can keep up to date on Severed.