The Really Series Game Company Releases Chapter 2 For Real Army Simulator

Toronto developer Really Serious Game Company, which is comprised of @yifatshaik, and @techknight, released Chapter 2 of Real Army Simulator which is a 'satirical choose-your-own adventure narrative game based on @yifatshaik two mandatory service years in the Israeli Army.  You can check out details about the game, as well as a trailer and screenshots below:

The game tries to emulate my personal experience and present the army less as glorified heroic endeavour but rater as a more mundane and at time ridiculous experience. The game follows the daily routine of a soldier working in the army computer helpdesk. At each stop of the day, the player is presented with a dilemma on how to behave in a certain situation. There answer determines how the day will end- going home, getting detention or guard duty. Not all choices are obvious, answer that the player might think are better might (following the army logic) be the wrong one!

You can download the game for free on Windows of Mac on the main website for the game.  Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments!