Dragon of Legends Hit Kickstarter - Let's Get This Game Funded

As announced last week, Dragon of Legends from Thrive Games has hit Kickstarter with a goal of $60,000 dollars, the lowest tier to guarantee a copy of the game is only $10 dollars.  We've written about Dragon of Legends quite a bit, but you can check out further details and trailer below:

Dragon of Legends is an online action RPG for PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile devices, that is heavily influenced by Gaelic and Norse mythology. Enter the ever-evolving lands of Hávámal, where the lights of faeries border the realms of darkness. Two alliances have emerged across the world, both struggling for supremacy over the land and as these great powers battle one another for control of Hávamál – darker forces gather to destroy them. Players from around the world can assume the roles of customizable heroic fantasy characters, and explore a lush 2D world full of mystery, danger, and countless adventure.
After creating your own custom character and selecting a faction, you will set out on an epic quest to conquer evil and save the lands of Hávamál from impending doom, or succumb to the darkness and act as an agent of destruction. You will have your own background, racial history, and character specific storyline that will provide direction, and motivation behind all of your actions. Along your adventures you will acquire new equipment and learn powerful skills to aid you on your path, and you will be constantly interacting with other players from around the world. In order to defeat the most complicated and challenging dungeons, you must strategically coordinate your efforts and work effectively as a team to reap the rewards. You can band together with like-minded players in clans and guilds and wage war against other rival factions - or even turn on your own:

Currently the game is planned for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile but console versions may be possible as well...

You can check out the full Kickstarter here, and follow Thrive Games on Twitter