One More Story Games Releases 'Hard Vacuum Lullaby'

We're only a few days into 2016, but we've already had a couple of releases.  Cally's Cave 3 is coming out on Tuesday for PC, and Barrie developer One More Story Games had released a new story to their catalogue of games.

After a savage battle in deep space, the 2nd Yagoshan Expeditionary Fleet Battlecruiser #6 retreats to the orbit of a gas giant with other damaged vessels to undergo repairs by the fleet’s logistics and repair corvettes. Maintaining radio silence and far from the front lines, the crew of the fleet’s warships try to get some much needed rest, leaving you in charge and responsible for anything that goes wrong...

You can play the game for free on Facebook, or on Android.  You can check out the rest of the story driven games here.  If you're interested in bringing your stories to an interactive gaming platform, check out One More Story Games, and follow them on Twitter.