What Was Ubisoft Toronto's Contribution To Far Cry Primal? Now We Know!

I've wondered for a while what specifically Ubisoft Toronto did for Far Cry Primal.  The first person shooter was released last week, and as I mentioned on the podcast I've been enjoying it quite a bit. Thanks to the Toronto Star, we now know what our favourite Ubisoft studio contributed to the game:

"You have to hunt animals, craft together tools and find your fellow tribesman, and thanks to the addition of Beast Master abilities, you don't have to do it alone.
"The Montreal team . . . gave us a lot of stuff that was related to the Beast Master powers, so the taming, giving (your animal) orders and creating the many great beast quests later on in the game were led by the team here," said Maxime Beland, creative director, Ubisoft Toronto.
The Toronto team also worked on your pet owl, another new feature that almost operates as a prehistoric drone. You can call your owl and see from its perspective, which lets you survey the surrounding area, mark targets and eventually, with upgrades, attack enemies for you."

You can check out the full story over on the Toronto Star website.  A big congrats again to the team over at Ubisoft Toronto. My review for the game will be up sometime this week.