What Did Patreons Get In January?

Okay, so I missed this in December (Patreons did get rewards, I just didn't write the post), so we're back with a recap for what they got in January.  Remember, you can become a Patreon by going here. Anything you can help with is much appreciated.  

There actually wasn't any interview in January, but we got one lined up for February already.  The podcast is recorded on either Saturday, or Sunday by Dan, Bret and myself and Patreons always get that early on the weekend, while I post it for the general public on Monday.

On the game front, there were two games.  Cally's Cave's 3 released on Steam in January, and Patreon's were given a copy of the game.  Matt Kap also donated some codes for Castle In The Darkness for Patreons on Steam.  

Thanks again to everyone who help grow TorontoGameDevs.com everyday.  If you can spare a few dollars a month, Patreon money goes a long way (all money goes to the site, it's not a revenue generator for me).  So check out the page if you can.  If you can't, that's 100% fine, I understand! But Tweeting/FaceBooking/Reddit'ing about the site goes a long way too :)

- Steve