Modbox Out April 5th On Steam Early Access

Indie developer Alientrap had announced Modbox late last year, and it will now be available on Steam early access next week.  The HTC Vive sandbox physics game got one last big update before release that you can check out here.

  • Create Rube Goldberg style large room scale creations with the Vive’s precise controllers
  • Share your work on Steam workshop ingame, or try out others online
  • Construct with primitives by just touching them together. Add in hinge joints, ropes, propellers, rockets, piston, balloons. Then control them by wiring them together with throttles and levers.
  • Pick up and play with toys to interact with the world - including baseball bats, basketballs, crossbows, pistols, chainsaws...

Modbox will be out April 5th, and you can check out the steam page here, but make sure to give the developer a follow on Twitter as well.