Vertex Pop Announces 'Graceful Explosion Machine' - Coming Early 2017

Having just released We Are Doomed on PlayStation Vita last month, Vertex Pop have announced their next game, Graceful Explosion Machine. The 2D side scrolling shooter is set to hit consoles and home computers in Early 2017. 

Graceful Explosion Machine places you at the controls of a powerful, yet agile, GEM: an attack ship with multiple weapon systems and precision control. Blast, combo, and dash your way through levels featuring an array of neon jewel-toned enemies and claustrophobic arenas, using a deep four-weapon based combat system that encourages you to think as fast as you can fly! Fighting for your life in deep space can be tough, but you just might make it back home safely in your Graceful Explosion Machine

The game will also be at Pax East, as part of the Indie Mega Booth, along with other Toronto developed games such as SSMP, and Kitty Disastrous.