Darwin Project Out Now On Game Preview/Early Access

We discussed Darwin Project on our latest Podcast - a battle royale game from Montreal developer Scavengers Studios. The twist of which is that, similar to Hunger Games, there is a Dungeon-Master type character that can control various parts of the match.

The Darwin Project takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic landscape in the Northern Canadian Rockies. As preparation for an impending Ice Age, a new project, half science experiment half live-entertainment, is launched. It's called the "Darwin Project" and it challenges participants to survive the cold and fight to the death in a treacherous arena. The Darwin Project offers a competitive multiplayer third person survival experience featuring at its core a new gameplay innovation: the manhunt. In his or her path to victory, a player must survive extreme environmental conditions, track opponents, and set traps in order to win.

The game has been out on Game Preview on Xbox for a bit now, and can be played on Steam or Xbox One. The official release date is set for Winter 2019-2020.

The team is going “off radar” as they prepare for the official launch of Darwin Project, which all the details you can read in the below tweet: