Super Animal Royale Hitting Early Access December 12th - Beta Details Included

Super Animal Royale will be hitting Early Access on Steam December 12th. Before that though, British Columbia developer Pixile will be having a few stress tests:

Sat Dec 1st: North America server 12 noon — 9:30pm PST! Click here to see the time in your location.

Sun Dec 2nd: Asia server 2pm — 7pm Singapore time! Click here to see the time in your location.

The final beta test weekend will take place the weekend before launch: December 8th and 9th.

If you’re interested in a Beta Key for Super Animal Royale, Pixile is inviting people to their Discord channel to request one (and make sure to join the CanadianGameDevs Discord channel for unrelated-fun reasons!)

If you’re unfamiliar with Super Animal Royale, it’s a top-down multiplayer survival shooter for sixtyfour players.

“Engineered to charm and trained to kill, Super Animals are cute enough to make you go “Aww” and deadly enough to make you go “Ahhhh!” Select your favorite from a menu of foxes, pandas, kitty cats, and other bloodthirsty beasts. Parachute into the ruins of an ill-fated safari park and fight off a lethal barrage of bullets, explosives, and silly dancing. Enjoy carefully balanced run and gun gameplay combined with an intuitive fog of war system that restricts a player’s view to line of sight, allowing for sneaky, strategic play. Explore a beautiful 2D world, inspired by classic top-down adventure games. Cut tall grass and loot abandoned structures in search of the guns, explosives and health juice you’ll need to reach the top of the food chain.”

You can add the game to your wishlist on Steam right here.

56 Game Studios Release System Siege In Early Access

System Siege, the turn-based strategy game from Waterloo based 56 Gaem Studios hit Early Access on Steam last week. You can get the game here, which looks like a little love letter to Advanced Wars.

Negotiations have failed. We tried to destroy the technology we'd spent so long building. Now is the time for action. The ultimate battle for survival rages on between humans and androids. Use your strategies to dominate and destroy in System Siege. Who will be left when the smoke clears, commander? 

System Siege is a top-down turn-based strategy game set in the distant future. An homage to the classics, System Siege showcases a diverse range of units and commanders to choose from - know their strengths and dominate. 

According to the Steam page, the game will be up for Early Access for 10 months to gather feedback, while also adding different difficulties, a full singleplayer, and a map editor.

Orbit: Satellite Defense Hits Early Access

Bluish Green Productions, the team behind Robos World will be releasing their next game Orbit: Satellite Defense in Early Access tomorrow on Steam. The RTS game has you protecting the planet from alien invaders and is "roughly 80% complete" right now with a scheduled full release date in April 2018. You can check out the Steam page right here.

If you're interested in seeing what is avaliable in the Early Access, the below vidoe should help. 

Early Access Preorder For Halcyon 6 - Buy Now To Get Early Access

Indie Toronto developer Massive Damage Inc announced that if you pre-order Halcyon 6, you can play it "weeks" before it hits Steam Early Access.

You will get to play Halcyon 6 weeks BEFORE it appears on Steam Early Access. Act One are available at launch, Acts Two and Three will be included as FREE updates during Early Access. - Access to the Backer Beta (est. delivery: Late February) - A digital download copy of Halcyon 6 (Steam Key at Early Access launch)

You can preorder the game right here for $19.99, while also checking out there Steam page here.   Halcyon 6 hit Kickstarter last year and crushed a lot of their goals, thanks to the help of the Square Enix Collective.  It's expected to hit sometime this year, with the Backer Beta being late February.  

Edit: Thanks to reader @Coboney for pointing out a mistake that originally say "6 weeks" before's just "weeks" in general.