Dash Quest Developer Tiny Titan Studios Release 'Tiny Rails' On Mobile

Over the Christmas Break, our friends over at Tiny Titan Studios released Tiny Rails on iOS and Android, a free to play tapping game where you take over a train company. 

Set out on adventure in Tiny Titan's immersive, world-spanning train game Tiny Rails! Your grandfather has handed down his train company and it's up to you to expand your modest engine into a multi-car masterpiece! Upgrade and customize your train while unlocking new stations, delivering passengers and trading supplies all around the world! Become a railroad tycoon, or sit back and relax while you watch your train travel day and night through unique environments with weather and climate changes! Actively help your railway network grow or let your train travel at its own pace - your train will even make progress when you aren't playing!

You can pick up Tiny Rails for free on iOS right here, and Android right here.