Alto's Adventure Out Now On Mac

Alto’s Adventure has been released on Mac, which you can pick up right here for $9.99 USD. Snowman’s founder Ryan Cash let me know via email that this was planned for a while:

“Ever since we launched the game on iOS we’d always wanted to do a Mac version, and we’d actually begun working on it a long time ago. We kind of got tied up with the tvOS version when that launched, and then of course, Alto’s Odyssey. When Apple announced the new Mac App Store at WWDC this year we knew it was time to dust off the code and bring it to the finish line.”

Silverfish DX Out Now On iOS

Silverfish DX, the action game from one-man studio Chaotic Box has been released on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

"Weave your way through menacing swarms, collect Power Pods and turn the tables on your foes! The space bugs are back and tougher than ever - do you have what it takes to defeat them?"

You can pick up the game on iOS (iPhone and iPad) here for $3.99.

Blot Interactive Brings Us 'Oh No! Ninjas!' - Out Now On iOS and Android

It's a mobile heavy day today here at TorontoGameDevs as Blot Interactive released Oh No! Ninjas! on iTunes, and Android.  The game is a typing action game feature ninja' while you tackle 80+ missions unlocking upgrades along the way.

You can pick up the game for free on iOS and Android.

Cally's Cave 4 Out Now On iOS

Local London Developer Jordan Pearson has released Cally's Cave 4 on iOS for free today - a run and gun action game which features over 300 levels, and 88 weapons to play with. 

"It’s time for Cally’s biggest adventure ever! On a mission to cure her friend Rupert’s curse, Cally must embark on a journey across the globe. Along the way, Cally will make new friends, discover a new arch-nemesis, and fight her way through hordes of enemies on the way to becoming the greatest hero in the world! Do you have what it takes to fight a secret society that holds the only thing that can save Rupert? Take on the challenge in the action platformer, Cally's Caves 4!"

You can pick up the game for free on iOS right here - and while you're at it, check out the soundtrack!

Alto's Adventure Updated For iPhone X

Our friends over at Snowman released an update for their indie hit Alto's Adventure that takes advantage of the iPhone X's shiny new screen.

"We’ve updated Alto’s Adventureto take advantage of the new screen on day one. With more of the mountain in view than ever, we really feel like this is the premiere way to experience the game"

You can download the game on iOS right here, while we wait for Alto's Odyseey, Where Cards Fall, and Skate City.

Block Dropping Out Now

As we mentioned earlier this month, Block Dropping has been released on iOS for free, which you can get here.

Block Droppin' Out August 24th

They were looking for Beta testers not to long ago, and now it looks like Block Droppin' is ready for the masses. Rocketship Park's puzzle game will be available on iPhone and iPad August 24th as a free download.

"Block Droppin' is a fast-paced puzzle game of sliding tiles and falling blocks. Players race against the clock to make shapes in the upper playing field, and then drop those shapes into the well below to clear lines. It's the sort of experience that blends classic concepts into something wholly unique and (we believe) has the potential to secure a permanent spot on the homescreens of puzzle loving gamers."


Rocketship Park Looking For Block Droppin' Beta Players

Our friends over at the newly created Rocketship Park are looking for Beta Testers for their puzzle iOS game - Block Droppin'. You can sign up for the Beta right here.

Orphan Black: The Game Out On iOS And Android

Boat Rocker Media have made an turn-based adventure game based on the popular TV show Orphan Black.  Players guide clones through puzzles set in the Orphan Black universe, and reliving elements of the TV Show. The game is available right now on Android, and iOS. Make sure to check out the trailer and screenshots below.