DrinkBox Studios Character Featured In Smash Brothers-like Game 'Brawlout'

Though not developed in Toronto or the surrounding area, Brawlout does have a connection to the game development scene here in the GTA. Similar to Runbow, there are a few indie characters in the game and the Smash Brothers-like game includes Juan from Drinkbox Studios' Guacamelee series as a playable fighter.

A humble agave farmer turned legendary luchador, Juan is always prepared to piledrive evil.

Following his demise at the hands of the villainous Carlos Calaca, Juan was revived thanks to the mysterious powers of a magical wrestling mask. Transformed into the luchador he always dreamed of, Juan set out to defeat Calaca, save his beloved and bring peace to the worlds of the living and the dead.

With moves like the Rooster Uppercut, Frog Slam and Dashing Derpderp, Juan is one wrestler you don’t want to grapple with. If that’s not enough, Juan can transform himself into a chicken, should the mood strike him. It’s no poultry skill, I’ll tell you that!

We'll have to wait a bit more to play Guacamelee 2, but until then gamers can get their Juan-action on in Brawlout which is out now on Switch and Steam, and coming Early 2018 on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.