Graceful Explosion Machine Coming To PlayStation 4 and Steam

After gracing the Nintendo Switch in April as a launch window game, Vertex Pop's Graceful Explosion Machine will be making its way to PlayStation 4, and Steam next month.

Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM, for short) goes light on story and all-in on intense action gameplay. Sure, you’ll face an overwhelming swarm of enemies, but to help you out you have access to four unique and devastatingly powerful weapons at all times.
Each weapon is mapped to a face button, so switching between them is instant and effortless. Before you know it, you’ll be chaining weapons attacks together, building stylish combos, and racking up huge scores.

There was a few more tibits information in the announcement. The game will be coming to Japan thanks to Kakehashi Games, and there will be an update that speeds up the loading times, and introduces some changes to the scoring system, and sharing:

We started by redesigning the score screen to give a clearer breakdown of your score, weapon usage, and additional stats that better reflect your play style. It’s both fun and functional.

We also wanted to make it easier to capture and share those clutch GEM moments. Once you’re in the zone, we know it’s hard to stop the game even for a few seconds to grab a screenshot, so we had to come up with a really creative solution.

Or, more accurately, a really technical one: We designed an AI system to pinpoint the most exciting moment of your run, which we then automagically screenshot and display on the score screen. You can fullscreen it, add it to your Album, share it, etc.

That patch is out now on Switch, and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam when the game launches August 8th.