Longbow Games Announces Golem - Coming To Steam This Year

The developers of the Hegemony series have announced a new game coming to Steam this year - Golem. The 2d platformer will have you play as an "adventurous girl and her "ever-changing companion" as you solve puzzles.

No one knew who built the ancient tower that loomed beside the coast. She figured water must once have flowed down its giant aqueducts into her village, but even her grandfather couldn’t remember seeing the mill’s old water wheel turn. These days it was the job of her and the other children to travel out to the tower and collect what little water bubbled up from the ground in the caves beneath it. But everything was about to change when she found the orb glowing beneath the puddles and the hidden tower door slowly opened.
— http://store.steampowered.com/app/646010/Golem/

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