Grindstone Available on Apple Arcade

Described as a “Puzzle-Battle Splatter-Fest” by Toronto-based indie studio Capybara Games, Grindstone is available as a part of the Apple Arcade subscription service.

Some screens from  Grindstone . Juicy!

Some screens from Grindstone. Juicy!

Grindstone is a match game where players take on the role of Jorj, a meaty manly man who braves the cavernous mountain above his town to vanquish monsters and acquire gems. The gems you’ve acquired can be used to craft new weapons and items as well as forge new items using the blueprints you’ve acquired on your adventures.

The game is quite lovely and I’m having a great time with it, and I’m not alone.



Grindstone currently sits at 4.5/5 stars on the App Store with over 250 reviews, and it’s being widely hailed as an example of how Apple Arcade’s no ads, no microtransactions promise is providing us with some amazing mobile experiences some thought we’d never see again.

Grindstone is one of many Canadian indies apart of Apple Arcade’s launch lineup. There’s also Klei’s Hot Lava, Snowman’s Where the Cards Fall and Skate City. We here at Canadian Game Devs are loving Apple Arcade so far, and if you missed our impressions check out the latest episode of the podcast!