Wandersong Getting Physical Release Soon

Wandersong is getting a physical release from Limited Run Games which will go on sale October 11, 2019.

Released in 2018, Wandersong is a side-scrolling adventure game from Vancouver-based indie developers Greg Lobanov (@theBanov), Gordon McGladdery (@AShellinthePit) and Em Halberstadt (@emaudible).

In Wandersong players take on the role of a silly bard making their way through a fantastical world full of interesting creatures and characters. Using their voice, the bard brings joy to the world on their journey to save it.

It was nominated for an Independent Games Festival Award for Excellence in Narrative and received Honorable Mentions for Excellence in Audio and Visual Art.

If you missed it, the developers have a new game which had a successful Kickstarter campaign called Chicory: A Colorful Tale.