Guest Blog Post - Thoughts on Bit Bazaar From Brian Yoon

Friend of the site Brian Yoon checked out this past weekends Bit Bazaar and was kind enough to give some thoughts on the games he played. You can check Brian's Soundcloud right here, and follow him on Twitter here.


It was my first game event that I attended that was not a game jam. I was there to promote the game that I made music for called The Dungeon Crew by Clockwork Kraken ( and it was amazing! The hours are definitely gruesome, however it was fun and fulfilling.

The gaming garage inside CNE displayed array of games. Anywhere from boardgames to console games were there. Also there was a street fighter tournament happening as well. On the right side as soon as you enter, was game full of indie developers around Toronto. I was really surprised by all the different types of games that Toronto had to offer. There were games that are action driven to narrative games. I tried almost all the games that was there and I must say I was impressed and honoured to be part of such talented scene! Here are some of my favourite highlights. I will try my best to keep it nice and brief. Also they are in no particular order!

1) Quench by Axoninteractive

This is a story driven puzzle game where you play as a Shepard that controls the weather. With your weather controlling powers, you guide animals to safety. This game reminded me of Black & White except you are not a god. The game design was simple and yet had depth. Player is given a level of freedom to manipulate the weather however the player wants. I really like the concept and idea of involving something as simple as weather to project the game. 

2) Way Of The Passive Fist by Household Games

This game reminded me of the 80s game side scrolling fighting games as such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or any of the games you played that sucked all the quarters out of you in the arcade. However, this game takes it a step further. This game is about parrying and doing the enemy to charge up for your attack, hence the name Passive Fist. The art work reminded me of Mad Max mixed with some samurai. The concept of the game is what sold me. We often think of button mashing and "hack and slash" games when it comes to fighting and action packed games. This game has as much action as those types of games and it takes a step further by having players' full attention to mechanics and surroundings. Not only that, these guys brought a homemade arcade machine to really give the arcade feel. Amazing. 

3) Shift by Mega Power Games

Super casual game! If you liked 2048 on your phone, then you are going to love this. This game has similar game play without math. Who likes math anyway?

4) The Dungeon Crew by Clockwork Kraken

I know I made music for this and it could be self promotion type of thing. But I really think this game has potential. Easy mechanics and visuals to satisfy all age and gamers. Also very casual because it can be played on your mobile devices.The game features different class of heroes that you can control and manipulate as the game progresses. Don't let cute animation and characters fool you, this game is more challenging than you think! Release date is likely to be next year. 

Overall, I really enjoyed discovering and exploring all the different types of games at BitBaazar. I hope this event becomes a bigger platform for indie game companies to shine and display their product in the future. 


Thanks to Brian for putting this all together, we'll have another person's take on Bit Bazaar soon!