Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut Releases On PS4 September 20th

Toronto game developer Necrophone Games announced late last year they were bringing their comedy adventure game Jazzpunk to PlayStation 4. We now know that Jazzpunk: Director's Cut will release September 20th on PlayStation 4.

Another component of Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut that we really wanted to finesse was its couch-friendliness. It’s been clear for a long time that the subjects in our Test-u-Boratory best enjoyed our game whilst Jazzpunking™ along with a friend or two (or three?!). Laughs are often amplified with a co-pilot pointing out details, double-entendres, or catching obscure references. So to Up The Auntie of friendship, we’ve developed a top secret Wedding-themed deathmatch mode, with split-screen support of up to four friend (or enemies, gerbils, etc). It includes a generous helping of unlockable characters from the single player campaign, along with a variety of Honey Moon Destinations (ie: Deathmatch Maps). A gaggle of bizarre gadgets and deadly marital aids will help you tie the matrimonial noose with your friends!