Local Ludum Dare Games


A couple weeks ago Ludum Dare 41 happened, and lots of local devs took to their computers for 2 to 3 days to make some fabulous games!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ludum Dare, it is a very popular online game jam with two competitions: compo, in which you make a game in 48 hours solo, and jam, where it's 72 hours with teams.

This Ludum Dare's theme was "combine two incompatible genres". It was a tough design challenge that lead to a bunch of interesting and fun games!

I'll be highlighting some of the games made for Ludum Dare here in Toronto. Be sure to check them out!

Click on the image previews of the game to visit their respective Ludum Dare pages!

Super Antithesis Kart

Combinations: Racing & Walking Simulator

JAM GAME by Lameosine, YinTing He, E Sarkis, Jake Butineau, and John Wang

Cat Pack

Combinations: Turn Based & Real Time Action

COMPO GAME by Potondo

Aleam Ludere - Play at Dice

Combinations: Turn Based & Top Down Shooter

JAM GAME by gi11

10 Second Script

Combinations: Not Stated


Super Slime Slasher Ultra

Combinations: Match 3 & Action

JAM GAME by sebastianscaini, Del Nordlund, Flatterp, and aceofhearts

Disclaimer: this is my game.

If I missed anyone's games send me a DM on Twitter (@sebastianscaini) and I'll update the post with your game!