Voxel Couch-Coop Dungeon Crawler Riverbond Coming Out This Summer

Shown off at today’s Playstation State of Play, Cococucumber announced their couch-coop voxel dungeon crawler will be coming to PlayStation 4 this Summer. They then followed up saying it’ll also be out on Xbox One and PC. You can wishlist the game here on Steam.

In true dungeon-crawling style, Riverbond takes you on a journey through memorable worlds where you battle monsters, find treasure and become the hero. We wanted to channel the nostalgia of playing games from the 16-bit era and infuse it with fast and fluid controls for maximum action! Riverbond lets you choose your play style by letting you select from a ton of melee or ranged weapons to fight waves of enemies, take down huge bosses or completely decimate everything in sight.

It was also announced that there will be plenty of skins from other games added to the game, including Drinkbox Studios own Juan from Guacamelee, Lover Mu from Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and Robot 5 from Cococumber’s previous game Planet of the Eyes.

Certain Affinity Opening Up Studio In Toronto

Certain Affinity the Austin Texas based developer who have worked with some of the major studios and franchises including Halo, Call Of Duty, and Doom have announced they’ll be opening up a studio right here in Toronto. The new studio, which opens this month, will be support the Austin studio which is currently working on an original IP, a sci-fi co-op FPS titled ‘Last Expedition”. You can check out all the details in the press release below.


New Studio to support AAA development of Certain Affinity games

 January 30, 2019 (Austin, TX) – Certain Affinity, the largest independent video game developer in Austin, today announced that it will be opening a second development location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Certain Affinity has a proven track-record developing innovative, triple-A action games, including both original titles and co-development of games in blockbuster franchises like “Call of Duty,” “Halo,”, “DOOM,” and “Left 4 Dead.” Certain Affinity’s new studio will be opening in February in the Fashion District in the heart of downtown Toronto. To select the right location for its new office, Certain Affinity worked closely with Toronto Global, a team of experienced business advisors assisting global businesses to expand into the Toronto Region.

 Certain Affinity recently celebrated its 12th anniversary; during its history it has developed or co-developed 29 products across 12 different franchises, with more than 100 million units sold. The new Toronto location will support the Austin studio currently developing an ambitious original title as well as an original IP game, “Last Expedition,” which is a sci-fi co-op FPS.

 “Toronto is becoming a hub for game development with its progressive and multicultural environment and its thriving design and technical talent pool,” said Max Hoberman, Certain Affinity’s President and Founder. “We have built a company not only with top talent and benefits, but also with one of the game industry’s most inclusive and diverse cultures, and we look forward to bringing this mindset to our new Toronto studio and to being a positive member of the Toronto business community.”

 The new studio, which is expected to ramp up to 60 developers later this year, will be a fully integrated extension of the Austin office, which currently has more than 170 full-time employees. Historically, Certain Affinity has been known for development and co-development on other studios’ titles. While maintaining its core co-development business, the company has recently shifted its focus to lead game development, with a model of developing games as a service, available online and continuously updated with new features and content.

 “The Toronto Region is drawing the attention of the world for its emerging digital media and game development sectors, its diverse and welcoming community and dynamic cultural scene,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. “I’m thrilled that Certain Affinity will call Toronto home, create jobs for our talented residents and contribute to our reputation as a global centre for innovation, creativity and economic growth. Welcome to the Toronto Region!”

 Certain Affinity is seeking a variety of skilled and passionate team members to join the company in Austin and Toronto, including artists, engineers, designers, producers, and more. Anyone interested in joining this growing independent AAA game developer can see a list of current job openings at certainaffinity.com/careers.

 About Certain Affinity

Certain Affinity (CA) was founded in 2006 as a bootstrap startup with the goal of creating innovative, top-quality action games. CA brings together an exceptionally experienced, unusually talented group to form one of the largest independent game developers in Austin, Texas. The company’s 170+ full-time employees include veterans from dozens of successful game studios, with Max Hoberman, CA’s founder and former Multiplayer and Online Lead for the Halo series, serving as President.

A Christmas Peril Releases On Steam and Itch.io With 100% Of Sales Going To A Toronto Charity

If you’re still in the holiday spirit then you should check out A Christmas Peril (itch.io here, or Steam here) which is a simple-to-pick-up snowball fighting multiplayer game with 100% of proceeds being donated to local Toronto charity LOFT Community Services. The game features four holiday level, easy controls, and customizable settings for each fight.

You can check out the trailer and screenshots below - but make sure to check out Steam or itch.io page. For a few bucks you can get a fun winter-themed multiplayer game, and donate to a good cause.

New Dawn Update Out Now For Way of the Passive Fist

Way of the Passive Fist came out earlier this year, we even spoke to Jason Canam shortly after it released, and now the game has been updated with the "New Dawn" update.

The New Dawn update is a free download and includes a new Epilogue campaign "New Dawn" which has 5 stages, a new rogue-like Survival Mode, as well as some revamped story and difficult adjustments..

If you own Way of the Passive Fist then you can download the free update now. If not, the game is currently on sale on Steam.

Toronto GameJam 2018 Games

Toronto GameJam was a few weeks ago, and friend of the site Tabby let me know that most of the games from the event are up on itch.io - you can check them out right here.

Make sure to also check out our Discord which has active chats about gamedev related things :)

Local Ludum Dare Games


A couple weeks ago Ludum Dare 41 happened, and lots of local devs took to their computers for 2 to 3 days to make some fabulous games!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ludum Dare, it is a very popular online game jam with two competitions: compo, in which you make a game in 48 hours solo, and jam, where it's 72 hours with teams.

This Ludum Dare's theme was "combine two incompatible genres". It was a tough design challenge that lead to a bunch of interesting and fun games!

I'll be highlighting some of the games made for Ludum Dare here in Toronto. Be sure to check them out!

Click on the image previews of the game to visit their respective Ludum Dare pages!

Super Antithesis Kart

Combinations: Racing & Walking Simulator

JAM GAME by Lameosine, YinTing He, E Sarkis, Jake Butineau, and John Wang

Cat Pack

Combinations: Turn Based & Real Time Action

COMPO GAME by Potondo

Aleam Ludere - Play at Dice

Combinations: Turn Based & Top Down Shooter

JAM GAME by gi11

10 Second Script

Combinations: Not Stated


Super Slime Slasher Ultra

Combinations: Match 3 & Action

JAM GAME by sebastianscaini, Del Nordlund, Flatterp, and aceofhearts

Disclaimer: this is my game.

If I missed anyone's games send me a DM on Twitter (@sebastianscaini) and I'll update the post with your game!

Runbow Developer Announced New Game: Double Cross

Our friends over at 13AM Games announced their newest game today - Double Cross, which was announced for Nintendo Switch and PC. Double Cross is a 2D platformer, where you're also given a "proton slinger" which let's you grab onto objects as you traverse through the level - but you can check that out in the trailer below.

"Double Cross is an exciting action adventure game that has players take on the role of Zahra,
an agent of RIFT—Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology— whose job it is
to maintain peace and order between all dimensions. A recent attack on RIFT headquarters
thrusts players into a thrilling new case where they must use their RIFT-developed gear to sling,
swing, fight, and investigate across distinct dimensions. During their travels players will gather
clues to bring themselves one step closer to finding the identity of RIFT’s attacker and save every variation of the universe."

Double Cross is announced for Switch and PC with a planned release date of this year. If you're at PAX this weekend you can also check it out.

Explore Post-Apocalyptic Toronto Islands In Manimal Sanctuary - The VR Lurking Simulator

Manimal Sanctuary is one of the more unique games I've come across in a while, and it takes place in Toronto (specifically Toronto Island, and more specifically in a post-apocalyptic setting). It's described as a "VR lurking simulator" and you can check out the official description from the iTunes store:

Manimal Sanctuary is a virtual reality lurking simulator that uses mobile technology to enable every player's ultimate fantasy: to play a creature -- part coral reef, part Cthulhu -- who consumes human emotions. Set on the Toronto Islands after the rest of the world is devoured by gibbering monstrosities, you eavesdrop on the survivors and their everyday dramas involving things like bad potato crops and graffiti tags. And if those emotions aren't delicious enough, you can compel them to tell devastating secrets.

You can check out the trailer and screenshots below - also make sure to download the game for free on iOS and Android. I was able to play a bit of the game even without the mobile VR unit thing, so give it a whirl!

Wytchwood Announced From 'Cryptark' Developer Alientrap

Happy Halloween (yesterday)! In celebration Alientrap, the developer behind Cryptark, and Apotheon, have announced Wytchwood - a crafting adventure game set in the land of fables and fairytales.

"As the mysterious old witch of the woods, you will explore a strange countryside, collect magical ingredients, brew sorcerous enchantments, and pass your twisted judgement upon a capricious cast of characters and creatures."

Right now, you can check out the Steam page where it says the game will out in 2018. Until then make sure to check out the little teaser, and screenshots below.

Digital Extremes Opening Up New Office In Toronto Next Month

Digital Extremes, the London based developer of Warframe, will be moving east next month, having announced they are opening up a second studio here in Toronto. The studio will be focused around the development side of their business.

"Toronto has become a hub of impressive game development over the past 7-8 years. Being only two hours down the road from our headquarters in London, expanding to Toronto is a logical choice to continue growth plans for Digital Extremes and keep up with the pace of our growing stable of games,” said Meredith Braun, Digital Extremes VP of publishing."