Maximum Football 2018 Out Now On PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Maximum Football 2018 from Peterborough developer Canuck Play is out now for on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The indepedently made football game doesn't have the NFL licenses, but does contain the option for players can play football in NFL, CFL, or College football settings and rules.

"The officially launched Maximum Football 2018 features multiple game options between Canadian football, American football, and College football. Gamers will also have the ability to play full seasons, hone skills in practice mode, customize team and players, full post-play replay with free camera control, multiple player body styles and game weather that impacts game play."

Want the game on Switch? The developer posted a video about that as well!

You can pick Maximum Football 2018 on PS4 right here, and Xbox One here, but if you're looking for a free version then we have a contest happening on our Twitter: