Members Of Gamma Space And Dames Making Games Speaking At VRTO

Friends of the site Henry Faber (from Gamma Space), and Jennie Robinson Faber (from Dames Making Games) will be speaking at the upcoming VRTO along with a bunch of other panelists. The event itself is this weekend, but this panel is on Sunday and can check out the full details here.

Titled: "SUPER SESSION: Artist-Run Media Art Centres and VR" - the event will look at non-profit's, and artist driven organizations and what they are doing with VR.

Artist-run media art centres typically provide access to production resources as well as training. The first equipment access centre for artists in Canada was founded 45 years ago. Trinity Square Video has been able to foster and support the birth of many other similar organisations which formed the foundation of our digital media culture of today. Their example has inspired a generation of artists, not only in Canada but internationally.

Media artists rise to the level of technology they can access. Media art centres make prohibitively expensive technology available to artists. Their art is driven by personal vision, not corporate interests or politics. Independent artists are a research engine for new media. They create content that demonstrates the range of possibilities for a particular technology. In short, artists contribute to the success of new technology, great content leads sales.

In Canada, we have cultivated a tried and true infrastructure for private industry to partner with artists by supporting artist-run media art centres with financial and/or equipment donations. Equipment manufacturers and software vendors can be certain their support will be made available to the maximum number of artists in an honest, reliable and democratic process.

Make sure to check out all the details here, and register for the event on Eventbrite.