Patreon Changes

Hey Everyone! As many know, I use Patreon to help fund the site. It's a great way to give to creators that you want to support, and solid program that I've seen improve over the last 1.5 years.

One of the rewards I've had is "free" games. Developers from Toronto and beyond would donate codes to their games, and in return I'd tweet about it, post it, and would as Patreon's to leave reviews.  It was a great system, and practically every developer I've ever asked gave games. This includes, but is not limited to, Alientrap, Allied Games, Clapfoot Games, Cococucumber, DrinkBox Studios, Phantom Compass, Vertex Pop, Will O'Neill, VDOGamesGiganaut Games, and Neptune Interactive (there are lots more, I'm going off memory, reach out to me if you want to be added :)

Starting next month, I've dropped this tier. Honestly, I've just ran out of developers to ask, or games to give. Truth be told, I think I overdid it, but you live and learn. It could be a reward that comes back in the future, but for now there will be two reward tiers:

  • For $1.00 you'll become my best friend, and get a shout out on the podcast. I can also put your site on the right hand side for SEO help.
  • For $4.00 dollars you get access to early access found here (as well as the shout out on the podcast). This includes the podcast, interviews, previews, reviews, any sort of exclusive feature will be found here.

If I happen to get free codes, then they will be go to a Patreon (at any level). If I have more than that, then it will go on Twitter, or given away on the podcast. If you're interested in becoming a Patreon, and help support - which looks to help promote Toronto developed games - then click here.  Happy E3 everyone!