Torn Banner Studios Shows Off Mirage: Arcane Warfare Footage Ahead Of E3

PCGamer wrote a great article on Mirage: Arcane Warfare, in which some new footage was also show. I thought I would post it since coming up to E3, it's a solid read: 

"Physics are a vital part of the game as well, both for the way in which it gives melee combat “a sense of weight,” and also because it's funny. “When you hit someone, it's not like their body just limply falls down. You'll know the strength of that hit you just knocked them with, and their body will go flying across the room,” Senior Brand Manager Alex Hayter says in the video. And that, according to Torn Banner President Steve Piggott, “really adds a lot of humor to the game.”"

Mirage is looking great, and is scheduled for release on this year on PC. You can read the full article here and follow along on Twitter to stay up to date.