Play Rock Bottom On

Platypus Paradox's second submission to the Northern Game Design Challenge was Rock Bottom, which is a 2d pixel platformer that was made under 48 hours.

"We've all felt the pain of loss, depression or anxiety. It's almost impossible to not be affected by at least one of these things in day to day life. They can make you feel like you've sunk to a depth that there is no easy escape.  What if that pit was a real entity you needed to conquer in order to  move on? That is the world of Rock Bottom. Face increasingly more difficult platforming levels to climb to the top, collecting new skills and finding the secrets of the story hidden throughout." 

You can check out some screenshots below and play the game for free on right here. The game was created in under 2 days, but check out Platypus Studios on Twitter for more from the studio.