Amateurs by Sleepy Tom Turned Into Retro-Style Arcade Skateboarding Game

To celebrate the release of his new Amateurs EP producer Sleepy Tom has released a free game on which you can play right here. Sleepy Tom got a lot of Canadian talent to help him create the retro-style arcade skateboarding game (including friend-of-the-site Sebastian Scaini who we interviewed last year about his love of Game Jams) which you can check out below:

You can check out the trailer for the game, as well as play it for free here. What’s your high score?

A Christmas Peril Releases On Steam and With 100% Of Sales Going To A Toronto Charity

If you’re still in the holiday spirit then you should check out A Christmas Peril ( here, or Steam here) which is a simple-to-pick-up snowball fighting multiplayer game with 100% of proceeds being donated to local Toronto charity LOFT Community Services. The game features four holiday level, easy controls, and customizable settings for each fight.

You can check out the trailer and screenshots below - but make sure to check out Steam or page. For a few bucks you can get a fun winter-themed multiplayer game, and donate to a good cause.

Play Godsend For Free On

If you didn't get a chance to play Patchworks Godsend at EGLX, or Levelup here's your chance! The platformer has you shifting souls from creature to creature to solve puzzles and is available now on

"Play as a trickster demon, out for revenge against the gods. You are physically weak, and rely on your ability to shift your soul into other creatures. Exploit their abilities to solve puzzles, crush those who oppose you, and invoke in-fighting amongst their ranks."

Friend of the site Colin Cummings had some kind things to say about the game on Third.Person after playing it at LevelUp.

"A puzzle platformer with a twist, as the way forward is found within your enemies! A unique concept that felt fun to play, and fun to puzzle out. Creating an interesting game demo and having it be fun within moments of grabbing a controller, especially during a busy event is hard but Godsend proved to be up to the task. I took no hints from the developer leading my demo (shoutout to Coley!) and so I had a real sense of accomplishment finding all the shrines, though my time could have used some work. I fell an embarrassing amount."

You can check out some gameplay below, or play the game yourself for free on and make sure to follow the gang on Twitter!

Play Rock Bottom On

Platypus Paradox's second submission to the Northern Game Design Challenge was Rock Bottom, which is a 2d pixel platformer that was made under 48 hours.

"We've all felt the pain of loss, depression or anxiety. It's almost impossible to not be affected by at least one of these things in day to day life. They can make you feel like you've sunk to a depth that there is no easy escape.  What if that pit was a real entity you needed to conquer in order to  move on? That is the world of Rock Bottom. Face increasingly more difficult platforming levels to climb to the top, collecting new skills and finding the secrets of the story hidden throughout." 

You can check out some screenshots below and play the game for free on right here. The game was created in under 2 days, but check out Platypus Studios on Twitter for more from the studio.

Russian Subway Dogs Announced For PS4 And Vita

The Vita lives! And obviously the PlayStation 4 is doing great, but the Vita lives. Spooky Squid Games is bringing Russian Subway Dogs to PlayStation 4, and Vita next year, alongside a release on Steam and

Russian Subway Dogs is a score attack game, featuring stray dogs of the Moscow Metro. You can check out some screenshots and the trailer below - last we heard they tried to get funded on Kickstarter, but sadly didn't make it.

Russian Subway Dogs is simple enough for a puppy to pick up but still packed with challenge. Run and jump along the subway platform. Bark behind people to scare up food and bounce vodka around the stage. Soon you’ll be discovering high level strategies like cooking and eating rival wildlife with vodka explosions!

The game will be playable at next month's PlayStation Experience, just like Guacamelee 2, and Riverbond, and we should see it in 2018.

Who Killed My Uncle From Devon Wiersma Launches On

Friend of the site, Devon Wiersma launched a game on called 'Who Killed My Uncle?' Taking place in World War 2, 'Who Killed My Uncle?' is a narrative game about censorship, loss, and family you will never meet.  

Made in just under a week in memory of Sidney George James who served in the International Volunteers during the Spanish Civil War.

You can get the game on for your own price.

Sunamico releases Demo for Nebular Crush

Nebular Crush is an action arcade shooter and platformer mix featuring over 50 levels and local two player co-op.  It is still in development but a demo is available on  The art is reminiscent of 80s and 90s retro arcade games and it is a fast-paced action side-scroller with a unique cyber psychedelic visual aesthetic.

Combining retro pixel art and modern graphics effects, the game immerses the player in a dreamy digital world full of glowing, shimmering, geometries populated by alien lifeforms. The player controls a guitar-playing surfer flying on a magical surfboard through a bizarre and abstract alternate dimension. The game demands both skill and cunning, often rewarding more clever and careful play over mindless button mashing. Easy to learn but difficult to master, Nebular Crush aims to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers alike.
— Sunamico

You can follow Nebular Crush for more updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.