Shadowy Contracts Creeps onto Steam Early Access

Shadowy Contracts from Ottawa-based solo developer Mark Nasr is now available on Steam Early Access.

As stated in a press release, “Shadowy Contracts was inspired by sword-and-sorcery movies, the Dark Ages, and classic stealth games from the late ‘90s.”

Nasr’s studio is called ExiledThunder Productions, and Shadowy Contracts is his debut title. Nasr started development earlier this year after earning a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Ottawa.

Shadowy Contracts features character customization and an open world with 7 contracts to start.

The game is expected to be in Early Access for 6 - 8 months, during which time community feedback and further development will hopefully make the final game a polished, better product.

The game is priced at $14.49 CAD and you can pick it up on Steam right now.