Snowman's Five-Year Anniversary

Snowman's five year anniversary was celebrated last month, and they've re-released their first game, Circles Memory Game, to celebrate.  Version 1.5 has better performance, and some bugs have been fixed.

At its core, Circles is a digital take on a favourite physical toy from our childhood. It’s a memory challenge that asks you to pay attention to the glow of multicoloured rings, and repeat them in order with taps of your own.

For us, it’s more than that though. It’s an exploration of what can be done when physical play is unconstrained, and it represents the beginning of the aesthetic that’s guided all our projects.

As part of the update, we’ve spruced up performance, fixed a few lingering bugs, and optimized the game for all of Apple’s newest devices. We’ve also added Taptic Engine support. While it may sound like a subtle change, it’s been a total joy to feel as if we’re really pressing a button each time we tap out a solution.

Their game Alto's Adventure (on the App Store and Google Play) is also on sale until the end of the day.