Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander Out Now On Steam

Power Level Studios have released their strategy RPG Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander on Steam Early Access. The game is featuring about 1/5th of the planned content, with obviously lots more on the way. The studio posted on their Steam page why they went with the Early Access route.

It's mostly about content creation. You see, we're aiming to have 100+ monsters and 400+ loot, and drawing and animating all that takes time. Now, having 100+ monsters sounds arbitrary, doesn't it?

I assure you it isn't! We want every monster to be unique. And by that, I don't just mean visually and stats-wise, but I mean that it's useful in some situations, but may be less optimal in others. Plus, with 100+ monsters, there are many unique ways to work out synergies between other monsters and leads to more interesting team builds.

The full releasse is planned for Q4 of this year, and by going with early access you can shape the future of the game:

“Price will not change when we leave early access. But! By taking part of our development journey, you'll have your say on how you want the game to shape up. It's like being an assistant-designer. Just without getting paid. Mwahaha!”

Check out the game on Steam and follow the gang on Twitter.